View from the Mt. Sterling Fire Tower

Welcome to Blue Ridge Trails.

I’m Owen Hockenberry and here you’ll find details about trails I’ve hiked in Southern Appalachian Mountains as well as a bit about the gear I use.  I live in Western North Carolina, so most of the trails I hike are in that area.  But I’m hoping to have some posts about Northern Georgia, Eastern Tennessee, and Northwestern South Carolina as well.

Check out the blog for all my recent trips and gear reviews, or look under the menu headings for archives of all my posts organized by topics.  I’ve split up my hikes into two categories: day hikes, and backpacking trips to make it easier to find what you’re interested in.


One thought on “Home

  1. Thanks a bunch for sharing these experiences! I am a fellow from NW Ohio who in 2005 went all the way on the AT. Each year since, I return to GSMNP and hike. I intend to hike every trail in the park. I am well over half way and your web page is a fine resource.

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