I’ve used many different stoves in the past and they all have ups and downs.  I’ve bought or made stoves that use esbit, canisters, alcohol, wood, and sterno for fuel.  For my purposes, I like the Cat alcohol stove the best.   It’s cheap, easy to make, durable, and lightweight.  I’ve tried different models of alcohol stove, but the simplicity and easy of use of the Cat stove keeps me coming back to it. For fuel I like 91% rubbing alcohol because it is cheap and non-toxic.  A better option is 180 proof grain alcohol, but it is not sold in North Carolina and is more expensive.   I don’t like using denatured alcohol because each batch is different and the chemicals that are mixed with it are usually very toxic and can be absorbed through the skin.


Potted Meat Can Alcohol Stove with Fuel and Windscreen

I use an older Evernew aluminum cookpot for boiling water and cooking.  I bought it at a thrift store years ago(I think it was about $3) and I’m not sure what the model is.  It weights 11 ounces and holds about a liter an a half.


Thrift Store Evernew Aluminum Pot


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